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004 – Faith, Community and Business

You will spend about 99,000 hours of your life at work. Considering that for about 134,000 hours over the same period you’ll be asleep, time focused on your job will quite literally account for most of your conscious time on earth. Work is such a huge part of our lives, yet we tend to pay little attention to how our faith and community life intersect with our jobs. This was the inspiration behind Seed Share – a new community initiative happening in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. In this episode Dylan and Wayne chat with Lisa about her...

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003 – Partnering Cross-Culturally

In this episode we discuss how to partner cross-culturally in our country of many languages, races and cultures. With a history of separateness, conflict and diversity we need to find true unity in church communities racially and culturally divided and very different to our own. In studio we have Manie Lombard a pastor from Zambia and Mike Fast a pastor from Canada both working cross culturally in communities under the banner of Four 12 Global. Discussing this very difficult topic and asking painful questions, we came to an understanding that most of us need to examine hearts and attitudes...

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002 – Serving God’s People

Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” God has gifted each one of us with gifts and skills in order to make an impact for the Kingdom of God. Serving is as simple using these gifts to serve others within the local church and as we reach out to others. We see that in the early church of Acts God raised up servants in order for people to to be reached with the Gospel. In this episode we look at the...

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001 – Hospitality as a NT Lifestyle

In this episode we look at hospitality, what it is, how we do it and as an authentic New Testament lifestyle. Mike Davies and Ross Lahana join us studio as we chat around the true meaning of Biblical hospitality and its application in our modern lifestyles. We unpack some of the theology and Biblical basis while looking through the lens of Acts 2v42-47 as a foundation for New Testament...

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God Speaks to 8-Year Olds

After reading about orphans in the bible, 8 year old Raphael felt God speak to him about reaching out to orphans. This led to him doing all he can to campaign for an orphanage in the local township of Barcelona in Cape Town, and get as many people on board to help these orphans whenever they can. His motivation and determination has made him an 8-year-old role model raising a considerable amount of funds for the...

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